The Sun (who else)  has this plot spoiler !

CHARITY Dingle ups her campaign against drugs in Emmerdale next week, to the horror of recently confirmed stoner, Doug Potts.

Eric Pollard decides to step in and help, resolving to join the quest to rid the village of drugs.

But later, as he’s enjoying a sneaky spliff, Doug is caught red-handed by Pollard. What will he do?

Doug – who’s played by Duncan Preston in the ITV soap – has recently turned to cannabis to help ease his chronic back pain.

The pensioner had already tried CBD oil, but it didn’t have the desired effect on his agony.

Instead he’s turned to weed, which many people claim helps with a variety of medical conditions.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions about Doug’s alternative method of pain relief.

One tweeted: “Catching up on the soaps tonight to see what I’ve missed like the Granny I am to only bloody find Doug on Emmerdale getting high as a kite off weed.”

Another said: “Awwww not Doug the pothead!”

“He’ll be listening to Bob Marley next and sporting a head of dreds!!”