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When the coronavirus pandemic prompted shutdowns across California, Ashley Kammerer, director of the Davis Cannabis Collective, said there was “a lot of fear” across the industry.

“We were all worried about what was going on,” she added, noting her mind went to the clients who use cannabis to treat medical conditions. “That was a big worry for us, sick people not being able to get what they needed.”

Like many businesses, cannabis dispensaries in Yolo County had to face the unknown, navigating shifts in health and safety guidelines related to the ongoing pandemic.

Kammerer said they were fortunate that the Davis Cannabis Collective — located at 2121 2nd Street, Suite C101 in Davis — had a fairly large space. They were able to space patients six feet apart, install plexiglass shields between customers and employees, and mandate face coverings.

Ashley Kammerer, director of the Davis Cannabis Collective, stands behind a new plexiglass shield at the store. SARAH DOWLING – DAILY DEMOCRAT

Like those in the restaurant industry, cannabis dispensaries were given permission to offer curbside pickup, according to Kammerer. They have to extend that permission every 30 days. This gives customers an option to remain in their vehicles while picking up items. The collective also offers delivery.

Asked what business has been like this past year, Kammerer noted that around the same time people were stocking up on toilet paper, they were also stocking up on cannabis. Kammerer attributes this to uncertainty amid the pandemic.

“People weren’t sure if we were going to be closed,” she said.

This increase in demand was met with some supply chain issues, mainly related to packaging.

“We were able to provide everything we could,” she added. If they couldn’t supply a particular product, they replaced it with another, similar one.