With so many people spending their waking hours daydreaming about becoming homeowners but probably smoking cannabis instead, it only makes sense to — kind of — combine the two activities.

Pennsylvania company Coexist has a solution: a tiny house made with hemp. The Traveler, a DIY cabin made with “hempcrete,” can be assembled at home with a bit of free time and help from some friends.

But just because you can build — parts of — a home with hemp, should you? Is it cost efficient?

The Traveler DIY cabin

At 14 feet long, 10 feet deep, and 15 feet high, the Traveler provides a cozy yet spacious 140 square feet of space (13 square meters). Coexist states that it can sleep up to six people — of average proportions, we assume — and potentially many more if you stack your house guests on top of one another.

The kit includes knocked down doors and windows to be assembled on site, an all timber frame with wood and metal joinery, all exterior and interior cladding, plaster, hemp insulation, a metal roof, and a mallet to bang it all together.

The cottage is constructed out of sustainable materials that can be put together by two to four people in a few weekends, according to Coexist. But if you’re the type who tends to botch every piece of IKEA you’ve ever tried to assemble, you should be warned that the Traveler comes with an illustrated instruction manual. You’re on your own to find the two to four people and the free weekends to get it done.

It can also be ordered as a loft, with either cedar or a corrugated metal facade, and interior finish in plaster on block, plywood, or drywall with a plaster subcoat.

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Would you buy a tiny house made of hemp?