Wiz Khalifa says smoking weed gives him more ‘breath control’ during workouts than people who don’t smoke

Whatever he wants to believe that’s fine with us…

  • Rapper Wiz Khalifa opened up about his new diet and exercise routine in GQ.
  • “I honestly think smoking weed helps my wind a little better,” the rapper said about his breath control.
  • He also said his brand of marijuana, Khalifa Kush, isn’t “couch weed.”
  • Rapper Wiz Khalifa recently opened up to GQ about his strenuous workout routine and said he believes smoking marijuana benefits him while exercising.

    “I honestly think smoking weed helps my wind a little better because I have breath control and I’m able to take these deep, long breaths that normal people who don’t drag strong marijuana—they don’t experience that,” Khalifa said when reporter Christopher Cason asked if he ever gets winded.

    In addition to rapping, Khalifa (born Cameron Jibril Thomaz) founded his own brand of marijuana, Khalifa Kush, based on a strain he developed in the 2010s and kept in his personal stash, according to the brand’s website.

    “It’s not couch weed and it won’t lock you down and make you not be able to move,” Khalifa explained in GQ. “It’s really strong and gassy. It’s like an original OG-type of weed, whereas a lot of weed these days are a little bit more fruity and they’re not on the gassy side. That’s how I like my weed. I like it to be straight gas. “

Read more at  https://www.insider.com/wiz-khalifa-smoking-weed-more-breath-control-workouts-health-2023-2

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