Wisconsin: Bud sent by UPS to wrong address; Geneva Police post on Facebook to find rightful owner

ENEVA – A UPS parcel filled with marijuana was accidentally sent to the wrong address and is now in the hands of the Town of Geneva Police Department, which has gone to Facebook to try to find the rightful owner.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Town of Geneva Police Department said, “Town of Geneva Police are hoping to find the rightful owner of this parcel that was returned to UPS last week. It was delivered to the wrong address and unfortunately the return address seems to be incorrect.”

It went on to say, “Luckily there was a very distinct odor coming from the package and UPS knew that there was significant value to the contents inside. To claim this package please contact Officer Linder at 262-248-9926.”

In an update, the department explained, “We understand that nobody will be claiming this package and that marijuana is becoming much more accepted in this country.”

It ended by saying, “For those of you that are struggling to find the humor in this post or believe that taxpayer’s money is being wasted, don’t worry, it’s almost the weekend. And for the one person that has tried to claim it we appreciate your humor!”

It was posted at 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 8 and by noon it had about 500 shares and nearly 200 comments with some people criticizing the police for wasting taxpayer money unsuccessfully trying to be funny and others telling people to chill out and enjoy the humor.


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