Westword write….

Cobra Lips, a terpy weed strain that dabbers love, has been a critical success from the start. Bred by Bodhi Seeds, this hybrid of Appalachia and Chemdog #3 produces strong hash yields and a lasting flavor, gaining the strain some recent intrigue in Colorado. Several wholesale growers and extractors have taken a liking to Cobra Lips this fall, and that mentality usually extends to the dispensaries they supply. If I had to be force-fed a strain, though, Cobra Lips isn’t a bad choice.

Chemdog strains produce notoriously cloudy highs, and although Appalachia is too rare in Colorado to make it to my bowl, I do know it’s a spawn of Green Crack, an espresso-like strain that makes minds race. Pooling the two lineages sounds like a quick trip to the land of internal questioning and forgetting why you walked into a room. That’s not exactly how I want to spend this second round of self-isolation. Luckily, the Cobra Lips high, while powerful, is hardly venomous to my day.

Source:  https://www.westword.com/marijuana/cobra-lips-strain-review-11850233