Westword report

Ranch flavoring is so American that other countries don’t have a similar concept or even a comparison; Doritos describes it as “Cool American Flavor” in Europe. Frank’s Hot Sauce might claim that we put that shit on everything, but in reality, most Americans go for ranch. Me, personally? Give me bleu cheese with my wings, extra stanky. That’s just how I want my weed, too.

U.K. Cheese is one of my all-time favorites, carrying a creamy funk that helped redefine what we looked for in cannabis smells. The strain, although still a popular choice, never spawned a family tree worthy of its attributes, but it did produce at least one lovely child, partnering with an even bigger classic, Blueberry, to spawn Blue Cheese. Both parent strains are from Europe, with U.K. Cheese’s location fairly obvious and Blueberry hailing from Amsterdam. Maybe that’s why America hasn’t really embraced their child.

Like both of its parents, Blue Cheese was a prototype of the future, pumping out a combination of berries and cheese replicated by so many strains today. But anyone who’s smoked weed for more than ten years knows this is the O.G. equivalent of smoking a fruit and cheese board, even if disappears every now and then. Thanks to renewed interest from commercial growers and dispensaries, though, Blue Cheese is making a comeback in Colorado — and I couldn’t be happier.

Source: https://www.westword.com/marijuana/blue-cheese-strain-review-11932539