Bloomberg report

If you thought pea protein was weird, you might want to sit down for this. The next wave of alternative burgers could be made from hemp, mung beans or even crickets.

As the plant boom attracts consumers and investors, the pea — the preferred protein source for companies like Beyond Meat Inc. — is facing some challengers. Critics say the legume isn’t the nutritional powerhouse that proponents claim it is, while others say alternatives could offer better taste.

More Americans are being described as flexitarians, who buy both meat and alternatives, according to Meagan Nelson, an associate director at consumer researcher Nielsen. Veggie-burger sellers Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods Inc. have landed deals with the likes of Denny’s Corp. and Burger King to take their products mainstream.

Analysts at Jefferies estimate the alt-meat market could rise to $240 billion over the next two decades. While peas have captured headlines, producers of other crops are eager to get in on the action.

Your next burger could end up being made from one of these burgeoning alternatives:….

Read about your options. If you are a true carnivore we suggest you don’t read on. You’ll only get depressed