Labroots reports that……..

Japanese company, Hiro International, has derived, it says,  cannabidiol (CBD) oil from orange peels.

Free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, Ryousuke Koseki, a company spokesperson, said that the product could make CBD available in places with strict rules against THC and cannabis-derived products.

Hiro International was founded in 1984 and initially imported fruits and fruit juice. However, it soon found that orange peels imported from the US contained CBD structurally identical to that found in hemp.

The company later found it was able to distill the CBD found in orange peels into oil for multiple applications. Now, the company provides a variety of healthcare products containing CBD oil from orange peels. These include body lotions, make-up removers, hair care products, and lip balms.

“Orange-derived CBD Oil has the same ingredients as hemp CBD, similar effects, and additionally, zero danger in terms of THC intake and legality. This discovery offers a different CBD story, which is better than the currently standing CBD narrative to the consumers.” says Koseki.

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