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It starts as a tale of great genetics, as most strain stories do. Today, WiFi Mints from Seed Junky might be garnering the most hype of any new strain up and down the West Coast — and that’s thanks to its legendary parents.

One side of the WiFi Mints lineage comes from the WiFi 43 bred by California seed breeder OG Raskal and hunted down by famed Los Angeles cultivators the Jungle Boys. The other side of the lineage is the very same Animal Mints male that Seed Junky used to create the similarly popular Wedding Cake strain. (Animal Mints is a cross of Animal Cookies paired with Blue Power and Girl Scout Cookies.) The results are buds that smell like both mint and pine, with a light fuel note in the background and a hard kush flavor punching through.

But a notable heritage isn’t the only thing establishing WiFi Mints as a strain to watch. WiFi Mints has garnered so much enthusiasm because one of the top breeders in the world at the moment — The Village — added it to his rotation.

The Village has been working with WiFi Mints for over a year and a half. He received a cut of the strain from the Jungle Boys, who originally scored the most-famed WiFi Mints phenotype from Seed Junky, who in turn was gifted the strain by the grower who popped it. In an Instagram post describing the lineage of how the cut got around, Seed Junky noted that in The Village’s hands, Wifi Mints was being grown to its full potential.

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