An Indian Mound farmer found a group of well-organized men carrying what appeared to be assault-style rifles stealing a truck load of hemp from his farm Monday morning and gave chase, even as they sped toward Clarksville and opened fired on his vehicle numerous times.

Tracy Lehman, owner of Lehman Organic Farms in Indian Mound, said he had noticed some of his plants had come up missing lately and after losing 20 in one night, he set up surveillance and started looking out.

He became suspicious after seeing a gray Chevy Impala drive by his remote farm several times Monday morning.

Shortly before 8 a.m. Monday, he spotted a group with the Impala and what appeared to be a pickup rented from a moving company at the far end his farm.

“This was a pretty well-organized, well-armed group,” he told The Leaf-Chronicle. “There was a leader and at least four total.”