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Eighths are the king of the cannabis kingdom — 3.5 grams is the quintessential stoner amount of weed because it’s the perfect amount for a beautiful Backwoods blunt, a few joints, or a bunch of bowls, depending on the size of your piece.

As an ode to the eighth, Weedmaps News wanted to highlight a focused sample of popular, delicious, lab-tested eighths to try across the adult-use markets in the United States.

These sticky offerings are available in adult-use legal states and vary in price range. They also range in their THC, total cannabinoids, and terpene profiles. Weedmaps News was also able to get a certificate of analysis from all of these brands to ensure these eighths passed their lab tests and to get an idea of their cannabinoid and terpene ratios, which will vary in range (important to keep in mind). Here are some of the eighths of weed worth trying.


(Photo by BREALTV, Courtesy of Cookies)
Cookies strain Cereal Milk is a stunner.

When you come to California, you’re bound to run into a blue Cookies package. The brand has evolved since its 2012 founding by rapper and entrepreneur Berner and Jigga, a longtime Bay Area cultivator and respected breeder, into a cultural accessory with some quality buds to back up the clout.

Strains from The Cookies Fam have become more popular over time by rappers Wiz Khalifa, Logic, B-Real. Available in California, but soon expanding to Maryland, its designer eighths are one of the cool, fashionable, cultural touchpoint brands that are transcending the old cannabis culture and entering into a new fashion era, bringing the clout of the OG cannabis community with them. Cookies eighths hover around $60 to $70 a piece. Its West Hollywood location made our list of the best cannabis dispensaries in and around the city, and its OG status has been earned.

A new favorite strain, Cereal Milk, shows purple hues, and batch tests show THC percentages hovering around 25% to 26% consistently. The sweet, pungent Cereal Milk’s parentage can be traced to The Y, Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie, then crossed with a strain called Snowman.

Availability: California

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Alien Labs 

(Photo courtesy of Alien Labs)
Area 41 is a strain grown by Alien Labs.

Alien Labs is well-known for its innovative, evolving exotic lineup and growing fire out in Cali since its founding in 2015. Alien Labs has a veracious following on Instagram. Growing out of Sacramento and serving unique strains across California, Alien’s strains grown in current rotation include Do-Si-Dos, Banana Milk, Melonade, Baklava, and Galactic Gas.

Alien Labs’ eighths are going to be one of the more expensive on the list, upwards of $100. Its Area 41 is founder Ted Lidie’s favorite strain. Lately, recent batches tested show THC percentages of 23.1% to 27.2% and batches test consistently around 31.7% total cannabinoids.

“Area 41 will stink your whole neighborhood up with an OG gas smell,” Alien Labs said on Instagram. Its stinky nature can be attributed to a high terpene profile of 3.39% and predominantly in limonenebeta-caryophyllene, and beta-pinene. Take it from Weedmaps reviewer High_Larry_: “Long Live The Aliens ?????.”

Availability: California

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(Photo courtesy of Connected)
Biscotti is the purple, crystally strain pictured, grown by Connected Cannabis Co.

Connected is another cannabis company that puts the idea of “designer strains” at the forefront. Connected Cannabis Co. is as highly decorated in awards as it is highly sought after. It’s also highly priced, but for good reason. Beloved strains from the Connected crew include Gushers, Smarties, Gelato #41, Fuelato, Gelonade, Sunset Sherbert Plus, and more, many of which are High Times Cannabis Cup-winning.

While Connected’s strains come at lofty prices, high-end smokers gravitate to them anyway. Even at $100 an eighth, one dispensary in Santa Ana, California, told Weedmaps News it sells out constantly. Recent batches of Biscotti range from 24% up to 27.75% in total THC, with total cannabinoids showing upwards of 32.73%. Biscotti is one phenotype that Connected has been fine-tuning. It is a cross between South Florida OG and Gelato 25, and contains sizeable percentages of cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), as well as terps heavy in aromatic beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool. Find these designer eighths at Cali retailers or one of Connected’s six storefronts across the state.

Availability: California

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True Humboldt 

(Photo courtesy of True Humboldt)
Purple Punch grown by True Humboldt is a heady indica with a stunning, trichome-covered white shine of cannabinoids.

The Purple Punch from True Humboldt is bliss. This company is known for growing stunning outdoor cannabis available to the masses at affordable prices. A recent batch of Purple Punch clocked in at 23.14% total cannabinoids with 19.82% THC.

True Humboldt is represented by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild, a group of 200 Northern California-based outdoor cultivators with a goal of destigmatizing the prohibition that has hung over Humboldt County, taking its accessibility and tourism mainstream. Sun-grown strains from True Humboldt are, as the company says on its Weedmaps page, “steeped in timeless tradition … home to the terpene-rich terroir that is Northern California sun-grown.” Indulge in Purple Punch, a skunky, berry-scented strain that’s a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG.


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Cream of the Crop

(Photo courtesy of Cream of the Crop)
A macro image of the Orange Peel from Cream of the Crop Cannabis.

California has a gem in Cream of the Crop, a cannabis company known for its accessible prices and long list of unique strains grown in its current lineup. The company has a passion for finding exotic strains and educating its consumers on the various components, every terpene, their meaning. Rarities you will find in Cream of the Crop jars include Nom Nom Cookies, Lemon Sorbet, Trunk Funk, Nepali Pink, Persian Plum, and Mimosa.

Orange Peel is a growing fan favorite of the cannabis brand’s, with a recent batch clocking in at 28.23% total THC, out of 29.86% total cannabinoids, with a citrusy, acidic sweet terpene profile of predominantly terpinolene, beta-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.

Availability: California

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Good Chemistry

(Photo courtesy of Good Chemistry)
Dorothy strain by Good Chemistry, growing cannabis in Colorado starting with the medical market in 2010.

Good Chemistry is a cannabis company wrapped in good karma. Founded by Matt Huron in 2010, Good Chem is an LGBTQ-allied brand that gives back to organizations year-round. When you cross Purple Mayhem and Death Star, you get Good Chem’s proprietary baby called Dorothy, or “Dot” to those who know it well. The strain welcomes its users to slip into a deep relaxation, testing upwards of 22.7% total THC in recent batches. Good Chemistry has three locations around Denver, the only place to get proprietary strains including Dorothy.

Availability: Colorado 

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Nameless Genetics

(Photo courtesy of Nameless Genetics)
The Watermelon strain from Nameless Genetics.

Nameless Genetics has developed a cult following since its founding in 2013 and it’s creation of its most well-known strain, Mega Wellness OG. Nameless has clout and rightfully so, with more than 75 awards under its belt according to its Weedmaps page. Recent lab test analysis shows Mega Wellness OG clocking in at 29.47% total cannabinoids and 25.23% total THC. Terpene profiles for this elusive, citrusy flower show predominantly beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, and limonene. Strains that have won coveted growing prizes over the years include Watermelon, Ducati Og, Mega Kush, while Weedmaps reviewers laud its Cherry West, Mega Glue, and Nectarine.

Availability: California

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(Photo courtesy of Sherbinskis)
Pink Panties strain by Sherbinskis.

The lineup of strains from Sherbinskis are grown by one of its originators, a 20 year-veteran grower from Northern California named Mario Guzman. Because Sherbinskis’ eighths come from exclusive genetics, they often come with a high price tag, but they’re definitely worth it.

One of those exclusive strains includes Pink Panties, a strain that tests at 27.4% total THC with a smelly, sticky high terpene profile. Eighths you can buy from this legendary cultivator include Pink Panties, Acai Berry Gelato, Gello Gelato, Bacio Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and Sunset Strip.

Availability: California

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Jungle Boys

(Photo courtesy of Jungle Boys)
*Motor Breath, what’s your price for flight?* Motor Breath by Jungle Boys is a highly potent strain.

To stoners in the know, the Jungle Boys brand precedes itself. Cannabis Now has called Jungle Boys the most respected cultivators in California. Jungle Boys eighths are sold exclusively at TLC, founded in 2006, and the Los Angeles Farmers dispensary

Jungle Boys is “family- and friend-owned,” as well as a unique cultural brand for L.A. with its own clothing line. Known for exotics including Jungle Cake and Wedding Pie, Jungle Boys has a unique new strain, Motor Breath, that’s a skunky, “stings-the-nostrils” hybrid. Around $60 an eighth, Motor Breath is moderately priced for insane quality. A recent Motor Breath batch from October tested at a whopping 40.53% total cannabinoids and 37.87% total THC. Vroom vroom.

Availability: California

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Pistil Point

(Photo courtesy of Pistil Point)
Garlic Breath grown by Pistil Point is a looker.

The Pacific Northwest is lucky to have growers such as Pistil Point Premium Cannabis, based out of Portland, Oregon. Beloved strains cultivated by the small-batch growers include a popular Zkittlez, Garlic Breath, Candy Apple, King Louis III, and Triangle OG. Garlic Breath is a cross between GMO Cookies and Mendo Breath, resulting in a rich, red-purple hued wonder with sour, sharp notes of savory peppercorn. With three dominant terpenes — limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and beta-myrcene — and total THC percentages in a recent batch clocking in at 25.08% out of 29.88% total cannabinoids, smoke some Garlic Breath if you want to become a true believer.

Availability: Oregon

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Verde Natural

(Photo courtesy of Verde Natural)
Hazelnut Cream from Verde Natural, a cannabis company in the Colorado market.

The team at Verde Natural grows some of the prettiest weed in the Centennial State. Hazelnut Cream is a luxurious cross of Cookies & Cream and Miami Haze. Clocking in at 28.77% total THC out of 35.69% total cannabinoids, this batch of Hazelnut Cream has a strong store of cannabigerol (CBG) at 2.97%. It’s tasting notes are wide and unique, hinting at the flavors of “Mexican crema, blackberry, fuzzy peach skin, tofu, Polly-O mozzarella sticks, and even saffron,” Verde’s Brand Manager Rob Knoneborg said. The cannabis at Verde is grown in living, recycled soil, in small-batch with a meticulous curing process over the course of two to three weeks.

Availability: Colorado

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(Photo courtesy of Viola)
Super Glue strain grown by Viola is one sticky, icky eighth.

Founded in 2011 by former NBA star Al Harrington, Viola tastes like smoking good karma. The insanely sticky Super Glue strain grown by Viola’s team tested at 28.74% total cannabinoids and 27.69% total THC. Super Glue is a frosty, desirable cross between Afghani and Northern Lights, with a citrus, skunky taste that lingers on the tongue.

Harrington told Desus and Mero on a recent interview, how he entered cannabis when his 81-year-old grandmother in pain management, bringing him to tears. “At that point I realized marijuana was actually medicine,” Harrington said. “I think we will be able to change that stigma.” The company is named Viola after her.

Availability: California, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan

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The Cure Co.

(Photo courtesy of The Cure Company)
A pretty cola from The Cure Co.’s Marathon OG, one special eighth option of many one could purchase from the cannabis growers sold in the legal California market.

This Marathon OG grown by The Cure Co. has a legendary Los Angeles legacy. This powerful Indica cultivar was bred by The Cure Company in collaboration with late rapper Nipsey Hussle. “This is L.A. man, we grew up smoking OG,” the rapper said in an interview. As a nod to Los Angeles, he said, “I wanted my brand to be a pure OG.”

Its profile is lemony, earthy, robust. A few recent lab testing batches show total cannabinoids up to 32.14%, with 29.1% THC. The scent can knock you over with a strong terpene profile hovering around 4% containing beta-pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. Weedmaps reviewers praise Marathon OG for its fruity, sour flavor, and sang their own tune of this sentiment: RIP Nipsey.

Availability: California

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Feature image courtesy of Cookies.