Weedmaps and Cookies Dude Berner Say They Will Launch A Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Site

Nobody’s got this right yet… there’s more happening with cannabis on Linked In than any of the sites out there at the moment . This though could be a game changer if they properly spend on tech

Ganjapreneur reports

Cannabis technology company Weedmaps and rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner are planning to launch a social media platform on Marijuana.com, describing it as the “Instagram of Marijuana.”

Berner and Weedmaps recently re-announced the upcoming social media platform on Twitter. First announced in a 2014 press release, Weedmaps and Berner said that Meta-owned social media apps Facebook and Instagram have deleted cannabis-related accounts for policy violations. The network was supposed to launch in 2015 but that timeline was obviously delayed.

“Both social networks view cannabis as a ‘drug,’” the press release said, “and many marijuana businesses have lost valuable accounts and followers because of this crackdown.”

In a statement, Berner, the founder and owner of the Cookies cannabis brand, indicated his business accounts had been deleted from Instagram, which he cited as the impetus for the new cannabis-friendly social network.

“I was fortunate enough to get my account back but many other community members have not been so lucky,” he said in a statement. “This community is special to me and we believe in this plant and now Marijuana.com will unite and bring our people together.”

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