If you want to read about  weed hot stone treatments because you have little else on your plate today you can bore yourself silly with this sort of guff.


“In a lot of instances, the mixture of THC and CBD has a synergistic effect rather than just CBD or THC,” said Carolyn Johnson, senior therapist and spa developer at Kiyara Spa in The Cliff Hotel in Negril. During Tmrw.Tday, I went to Kiyara for a cannabis-infused hot stone treatment and to talk about the weed-friendly wellness craze. “ We have a long history of herbal traditions in Jamaica and spas are about water, warmth, and herbs and that’s what Jamaica is bouncing in. I started integrating cannabis within the last year or so and this is full-spectrum cannabinoid, not CBD. CBD as an isolated compound is problematic because studies are showing that the whole plant with other cannabinoids present has more positive effects on health.”

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