Weed Bust Guyana

“Is me weed, don’t involve me family,” husband says when he and his wife are arrested after police find 4.1 kilograms of weed inside barrel in their home.

A Guyanese husband and wife were arrested after police found several large parcels of cannabis weighing more than four kilograms stashed inside a barrel hidden in the bottom level of their home.

Acting on a tip, the two were arrested on Jan. 3 in their West Coast Demerara home after police conducted a raid at about 5:30 a.m., according to News Source Guyana. Agreeing to the search, police found nothing of concern on the upper level of the home, but the lower flat revealed the stash, adds the Guyana Chronicle.

The male homeowner used his keys to open a blue plastic barrel, which had a garbage bag inside, the Guyana Chronicle reports. The bag contained three transparent plastic parcels with leaves, seeds and stems believed to be cannabis.

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