The Daily Mail, is, as always, onto the stories that really matter in Brexit Britain.

Making that Markle Sparkle: Meghan’s marijuana-growing nephew shows off his 200-acre hemp farm after cashing in on his aunt’s royal title by starring in MTV reality show

  • Tyler Dooley, 26, recently finished work on a 200-acre hemp farm in Oregon where he will cultivate his new strain of cannabis, Markle Sparkle
  • He showed off the plot in a video just a few days before his aunt Meghan welcomed her first son with Prince Harry, a baby boy named Archie 
  • Tyler was in London for the early months of Meghan’s pregnancy as he filmed the MTV reality show The Royal World alongside a cast of fellow noble outliers 
  • He is the son of Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr, though he does not have a close relationship with the man and took his mother’s last name 
  • Tyler is often critical of his father, grandfather and aunt, saying in March: ‘I hope God can help them’
  • He also objects to those who claim his weed empire was built on the back of Meghan’s royal marriage 

We like to go low but even we can’t go as low as the Mail so read on here. we love his last claim !