We Don’t Smoke Marijuanas In Muskogee …Well, Not Any More! Muskogee man charged with 33,000 illegal marijuana plants

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Well… those days are over!

Muskogee man charged with 33,000 illegal marijuana plants

Alberto Guevara

Alberto Guevara


Alberto Guevara, 36 of Muskogee is charged in Muskogee County District Court with the cultivation of 33,000 illegal marijuana plants, according to documents filed with the case, and also separately charged with drug trafficking, possession of drugs, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and maintaining a place where drugs are kept — all felonies.

Guevara was busted in June at 7424 Chimney Mountain Road by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics with 33,000 marijuana plants in various stages of growth, according to an affidavit with the cultivation case. The location had no running water or electricity, and it had no licenses to grow marijuana, though Guevara allegedly told police he had sent money to the state to acquire a license.

He allegedly told investigators he wanted to get his grow up and running before getting the license. On Sept. 23, Guevara was also arrested in a Muskogee residence that allegedly contained two grams of cocaine, scales and baggies for sale, according to police. Police also allegedly found almost 30 pounds of marijuana in the residence, along with guns.

Source:  https://muskogeenow.com/muskogee-man-charged-with-33000-illegal-marijuana-plants


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