Concentrates are big business in the legal cannabis industry and hashish is definitely making a comeback.  Californians will be very happy that Sitka Hash House, Washington State’s top Hashish brand, has just expanded their legendary full spectrum and fully cured Lebanese-style hash, hashish-infused products and accessories into their state.

Different from any hashish on the California market, Stika’s handmade hash has the authentic, characteristically cakey texture found across the middle east and Europe. Their Classic product line has something for everyone: indica, sativa, hybrid, and “special press” done in collaborations with a rotation of exceptional local farms.

Sitka is partnering with Wine Country, women-owned, cannabis brand Garden Society to source kief and flower from Sonoma and Mendocino County farms and manufacture the brand’s artisanal hashish and pre roll products in California.


Founded in 2012, Sitka is the first branded hashish company to expand into California.

“Europeans often say Sitka hash beats what they find in the old Amsterdam coffee shops,” commented Sitka co-founder and master hashmaker, Nick Saad. “We ensure that each and every element – cones, filters, weed (kief, flower, trim, oil) – contribute to a great experience.”

Saad added, “We make Sitka trichome-rich hashish for today’s cannabis consumer looking to discover new tastes and sensations. The smoking experience is everything, and to enhance it we created a branded line of handmade glass Hash Domes, hot knives, hash trays, and Sebsi pipes.”

Nine years ago, Nick and his co-founder, Shawn Richards, struck on an idea that changed their careers. With backgrounds in consumer goods, they set out to create something unique and exotic for Washington’s cannabis market — traditional, artisanal solventless hash.

After experimenting and developing proprietary curing techniques, and designing special equipment, Nick became a master at turning kief, the part of the plant that has concentrated trichomes, into handcrafted Lebanese-style hash.

Over the years, Nick and Shawn have developed hash-infused smokable products with memorable characteristics and incomparable taste. Their creativity, and quality products, have earned Sitka ownership of 9 out of the top 10 hashish SKUs in Washington.

“Sitka sets a new benchmark for what California hashish fans expect from a brand,” said Mike Beaudry, Founder and CEO of HERBL, California’s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain solutions company and Sitka’s distribution partner. “Sitka has a proven business track record and stellar reputation for their potent and reliable hashish products.”

Sitka delivers hash in a variety of formats: in small bricks, inside pre-rolls, and in hash blunts -and the hash can be mixed with joints of cannabis buds or aromatic herbs, smoked in a hash dome or pipe.