WA Police’s new search powers aim to disrupt organised criminals’ ability to distribute drugs

That’s what they think- you’d imagine after 80 years of this they’d realize that there’s a market to supply and come hell or highwater that market will keep being supplied. But yet again the police have powers and resources which in turn they’ll be loathe to rescind so all we’ll see is an escalation in the whole process…

ABC News reports

The WA government is introducing stronger police search powers in an attempt to stem the flow of illegal drugs into the state.

The enhanced powers will be enabled at 22 locations around WA, including road and rail crossings at border checkpoints, airports and sea ports, and would allow vehicles to be searched without reasonable suspicion.

Premier Mark McGowan said border restrictions introduced after the onset of COVID led to a decrease in the use of methylamphetamine.

“These laws are about saving lives, about preventing drugs from coming into Western Australia,” he said.

“They’re based upon the evidence over COVID of what worked.

“We found through our testing of our sewerage system that the amount of meth in our sewerage system in the metro area went down by 50 per cent and in some regional areas by up to 73 per cent.”

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