According to Antoine*, the creation of the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) will not change much for his activities. The cheapest weed sold in stores is about $5.25 per gram. On the black market in Quebec, cannabis is sold for $5.83 per gram on average , the lowest price in the country. “The real stoners will keep coming to see me. Even if I have to lower my prices, that’s fine, he explains. But [at the SQDC] they won’t be able to buy more than 30 grams at a time. So, the guy who smokes an ounce a week will come see me. It’ll cost him less, and he can have as much as he wants.”

Anyway, as Antoine explains, few dealers sell nothing but weed. “The guys all have another hustle, ’cause weed just doesn’t pay that much. Either they sell coke or pills, or they have another job, so they don’t really care”. According to Robert *, another dealer, the wholesale price has gone down, but the small quantities sold on the street are selling at the same price. “It costs me less than before for a pound and I still sell 3.5g around $25,” he says. “So it’s profitable for me!”

The law doesn’t scare them

On the other hand, the penalties for the illegal sale of weed are now much more severe than they were before. Selling cannabis from an obtained illegally, or to a minor, could result in up to 14 years in prison. However, the legal aspect doesn’t seem to worry most dealers we spoke to. “It was already illegal when I started doing it, I will continue to do it illegally. I haven’t been caught before, I’m going to be smart and won’t get caught now,” said Antoine.