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Kristi, 48, is a Deadhead who’s been selling cannabis since the 1980s. She divides her time between New York, where weed is illegal, and California, where it’s legal.

Hey, you around?
Right here, right now.

What do you sell and where?
I sell organic cannabis grown in California, preferably outdoor sun and soil cannabis. It gets sealed up, mailed to me and we ship it all over the country. Some of it I sell legally and some illegally.

How did you first get involved in drugs?
When I went to boarding school in 1985 I had never seen cannabis. I had smelled it in NYC movie theaters and had an aunt who smoked openly till my mom stopped talking to her for 12 years. One of the other freshmen in my boarding school was from the Santa Cruz mountains of California. She was from a lovely family and her nanny sent her beautiful high-quality cannabis in the mail. So the first cannabis I ever smoked was from Santa Cruz. Did I mention that this was an all-girls school? So it didn’t take me long to venture out into the town and meet the cutest town boys and start selling ounces to them. This was not a money-making venture, this was just the way for me to get cannabis without buying it.

How long have you been selling weed?
Since 1987. Many of my customers are lifelong friends. From the first time I smoked cannabis in 9th grade I went ahead and started buying large quantities and splitting it up between friends. The thought that this plant cost a lot of money didn’t make sense to me. Even though I’ve smoked pot basically every day since I was 14, I still have never paid cash for cannabis to smoke myself.

Where do you sell from?
I never sell any cannabis out of my home. Because I am a mother, I have kept my business away from my house. I do not suggest creating traffic in your home when it comes to doing illegal things. We learned that from Biggie Smalls and my grandmother: “Don’t shit in your own backyard.”

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