Cannabis industry staffing and recruiting platform Vangst released its 2019 Women in Cannabis report, compiling data from 166 American cannabis business across 17 states.

The report analyzed the number of employees in a company and its total number of female-identifying staff. The analysis also included the number of female-identifying employees at the executive level. Companies surveyed include LeafLink, BDS Analytics, Native Roots and Baker.

The Findings

Vangst founder and CEO Karson Humiston said the cannabis industry offers a wealth of career opportunities.

“Given the rate [at which] the cannabis job market is growing, there are thousands of opportunities for anyone with a great background looking for a job in the industry,” Humiston said.

Compared to other industries, cannabis businesses have more women on staff than tech (20 percent), agriculture (25 percent) as well as beverages and tobacco (26 percent). The industry fell behind real estate (49.9 percent) and education (68 percent), according to Vangst.

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The report found that 38.5 percent of the cannabis space is made up of female-identifying employees. Humiston did note one underwhelming figure.

“One disappointing discovery through our report was that 42 percent of companies have only one female-identifying employee in a director or executive level position.” Another 12.6 percent have no women on their staff at all.

Women did not hold much of a presence in cannabis leadership positions, with just 17.6 percent of director and executive roles going to women-identifying workers. Vangst did not have enough data to comment on the declining numbers of women in these types of positions in cannabis.

At 66 percent, Pennsylvania had the largest share of women in its cannabis workforce.

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