USA: Woman steals boyfriend’s weed, asks cops for protection they arrest her!

Hephzibah woman was arrested Saturday after taking a large bag of marijuana from her boyfriend and then calling the cops for protection.

Krizia Smith, 33, told authorities that she was scared her boyfriend might do something to her.

“I took drugs,” she allegedly said leading officers to her kitchen, where a large bag of marijuana was sitting on the table.

Officers field-tested the drugs and then arrested Smith for felony possession of marijuana.

According to authorities, Smith called officers to her home on Roundup Drive around 5 a.m. Saturday. She said her boyfriend owed her money, so she went into his vehicle and took his bag of marijuana, which measured 28 grams.

The woman then got worried and told deputies she was afraid her boyfriend would “come after her.” Instead, cops took Smith to jail on the felony marijuana charge.


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