The Detroit Times reports…

Narmin Jarrous has been using medical cannabis for two years, and has been open about it with her doctor in the Ascension medical system. Over that time she has been able to narrow the use of some drugs to control a painful endometriosis condition down to one. Because of that history, it was quite a surprise to Jarrous recently when she says she was denied a prescription for her one medication because a blood test had detected her marijuana use.

“What happened was I went to my primary care doctor to get a refill for my medication,” says Jarrous. “I finished my appointment and then get a call that my doctors won’t refill my prescription because I failed a drug test. I was positive for marijuana. … I’m very open about my use medicinally. It’s allowed me to stop taking all my pain medications. ”

Apparently, the policy at Ascension is to not treat patients who are using cannabis. It’s not clear what that policy is or if it’s recently changed because the public relations person from Ascension Providence in Southfield did not respond to phone messages or texts.

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