USA: Inside the National Cannabis Party’s First Year in Action

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So, I know what you’re all thinking … what’s up with the National Cannabis Party? Well, we had a chance to catch up with them and get the scoop on where they are now and what they have in the works.

January 2021 was the birth of the National Cannabis Party (NCP), and it seems they haven’t slowed down one bit!

The NCP crew have been making the rounds from being officially introduced by Redman on the massive music platform Verzuz, to speaking at the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference, and attending the National Cannabis Festival in D.C. where NCP co-founders Sephida Artis-Mills and Andrew Behringer shared the stage with Redman and Method Man.

Sephida, president of NCP, took center stage to share the party’s mission and send a message to all those who love and support cannabis.

It was truly a moment in history, as the National Cannabis Festival was held on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream’’ speech.

NCP has also launched its first State committee, the National Cannabis Party of Georgia, led by National Director Chris Brown from Atlanta.

The opportunities NCP has had, to share space and soak in incredible insights from the brightest minds in the industry, are nothing short of amazing.

It also serves as confirmation that as the NCP continues to grow, it stands and moves in strength as a direct reflection of the cannabis industry, the people, and their collective need to have representation in Washington.

NCP is a refreshing and welcome catalyst for change in the current political landscape surrounding cannabis.

They recognize the need to shake up traditional political party lines and to support current and aspiring legislators that are working to advance pro-cannabis policies.

The future of NCP and the cannabis industry will be driven by the people. After an incredible breakout year thus far, NCP is definitely here to stay.

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