USA – Georgia: Medical cannabis company acquires Louisville building

Dr. Paul Judge, co-founder of TheraTrue Georgia LLC, told Jefferson County’s Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, Nov. 16, that his company has completed acquisition of a former Louisville textile plant and is currently awaiting the official licensure to begin converting it for the cultivation and production of medical grade cannabis oil.

On July 24 the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission (GAMCC) awarded TheraTrue and five other companies a notice of intent to award a medical cannabis production license.

“The GAMCC is working through the dispute process that proceeds the award of the license,” Judge wrote in a letter to the Chamber. “The process is moving forward and TheraTrue continues preparations to move forward.”

For over a year now the company has expressed interest in the 75,000 square-foot former Cadet Manufacturing building located adjacent to the Louisville Municiple Airport. In the fall of 2019 TheraTrue representatives met with city and county officials, school board members and local law enforcement to explain their intentions for the building and answer any questions regarding the development of this new-to-Georgia industry.

The permits, when finalized, will allow each of these companies to grow the plants indoors, extract cannabis oil and manufacture prescription-grade products in the form of pills, creams, transdermal patches and oils that are not permitted to contain more than 5% THC, the chemical that produces the euphoric high sought by recreational users of marijuana.

“While the exact timeline for the license award is not known, we will be ready to start work as soon as the license is in hand,” Judge said. “We expect the initial buildout to take less than one year. The facility is expected to create up to 60 jobs in cultivation, security and other daily operations of the facility.”

Greg Sellars, Jefferson County Development Authority’s Executive Director, has said that the project is expected to create 358 direct, indirect and induced jobs in the region that would support TheraTrue operations. In all, the plant is expected to lead to $14 million in wages and economic impact annually and just over $1 million in annual sales and property taxes.

“TheraTrue remains dedicated to operating a fully regulated, transparent and highly professional medical grade cannabis oil product production facility,” Judge said. “Our goal is to deliver medical grade products that improve the quality of life for patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions across the state. We are fully committed to safety, security, being good stewards of our operations in the Jefferson County community.”