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Twenty-three-year-old Quan Holt has been treated like a drug kingpin. But he still hasn’t been indicted on any charges.

For two juvenile cannabis plants and less than $400 worth of weed, Quan Holt has been treated like a drug kingpin. 

The weed was medicinal. The 23-year-old father of two bought it from a website called Be Pain Free Global after being hit by an 18-wheeler truck more than two years ago. But in Phenix City, Alabama, where he lives, weed for any purpose is still illegal, and cops arrested him on serious drug charges last year. They also took his Dodge Challenger, nearly $6,000 in cash, and his licensed guns for good measure.  

“It was almost the perfect storm. If you look at stereotyping—here’s a young Black kid that’s in a flashy car, he’s got guns, he’s got money, and he’s got some drugs on him—there’s an automatic assumption, ‘Hey, he must be dealing,’” Mike Segrest, Holt’s attorney, told VICE News. “That’s just not the case here.”

Eight months later, Holt still can’t get his stuff back, which is worth about $60,000 in total. The Lee County District Attorney’s Office alleges that his car and weapons were used or at least “intended” for manufacturing, transporting, selling, buying, possessing, or concealing a drug. And while Holt is presumed innocent until proven otherwise, his property—which is also accused of breaking the law—is not.

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