Ganjapreneur reports…..The United States spent $1.49 billion on cannabis research between 2000 and 2018. Most of the funds were directed at understanding the potential harms of cannabis use.

The United States spent $1.49 billion on cannabis funding from 2000-2018, according to a Science report. The majority of the funds were spent on understanding potential harms from cannabis use.

Over the same 19-year period, Canada spent $32.2 million, while the UK spent $40 million. Canada’s funding was focused primarily on understanding the endocannabinoid system; like the US, the UK’s funding was focused on the plant’s potential for harm.

Just a fraction of US cannabis research funding was used for therapeutics; the country also spent funds researching attitudes, regulations, markets, and the endocannabinoid system.

The database was assembled by Jim Hudson, a consultant for medical research charities and government agencies, and published to his website.


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US Spent $1.49B On Cannabis Research from 2000-2018