Uruguay Says It Will Launch Cannabis Tourism

In dialogue with El País , Daniel Radío , secretary general of the National Drug Secretariat (SND) and president of the Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (Ircca) of Uruguay, assured that he would like to implement cannabis tourism in the country “as soon as possible possible to start testing what happens ”. 

And he added: “I think that at some time it will seem obvious to us in the historical past that people when they go to another country can have access to have a glass of wine or smoke cannabis if they wish. Today not yet because we have the aftertaste and tail of prohibitionism ”.

However, the official stressed that the objective is not to “promote” the use of marijuana, but to end a “basic inequity” in Uruguayan legislation.

Currently, Law 19,172 promulgated in 2013 allows access to marijuana through self-cultivation, cannabis clubs or by purchasing at authorized pharmacies. In addition, it is an exclusive requirement to be over 18 years of age, have Uruguayan citizenship or be a permanent resident in the country. 

Radio stated that one option to enable access to tourists would be to implement by decree “some type of temporary registration, which implies making the registration more flexible, and that the registration falls when the citizen leaves the country.”  

Likewise, the president of Ircca stated that the opening must be “gradual”, which is why he estimates that, initially, tourists will only be able to buy cannabis in pharmacies. 

Es Oficial: Uruguay Pondrá en Marcha el Turismo Cannábico