Weren’t people with a marijuana state of mind meant to call out bullshit like this

Don’t get us started


The company web site received thousands
of visitors and pageviews its first day.
Scottsdale, AZ, June 20th 2019 – Worldwide Entertainment announced that live voting for its online pageant started on Monday with an impressive 11,628 Site visits and 23,774 page views, both of which increased on Tuesday. These numbers would equate to over 300,000 monthly site visits and 600,000 page views.

Contestants and their friends and followers are allowed to vote for each girl one time per day, greatly increasing the time on site and giving advertisers exceptional exposure.

Companies looking to brand or advertise their products or web site should be sure to contact us for some terrific, inexpensive advertising and branding opportunities. If you’re tight on funds, as many companies are these days, give us a call and we’ll work something out with you. We’re all here to build our companies in this early stage of the cannabis industry and we’ll do everything to make sure you can afford a good space and get great visibility.

And please don’t forget, when you’re checking out our site, be sure to give a couple of contestants a vote. They’ll certainly appreciate it.  And if you find one that you really like, sponsor her and give her extra votes.  Sponsors names go right above the contestants’ photo.