For some reason the last time and only time hes smoked weed was watching the Hannah Montana movie


Here’s  some of his big adventure


“When travelling overseas, it’s always a good idea to try and experience the local culture. And given recreational marijuana is legal in California, it would be rude of me not to try it.”

That was the pitch I made to my editor before my recent trip to Los Angeles, and she begrudgingly gave me her blessing.

There are plenty of cannabis stores in LA to choose from, but several Uber drivers told me the one to check out was MedMen. “It’s the Apple store of Cannabis stores,” they told me.

Now to all those reading I’d like to stress that I am not and never have been a pothead. I’d only tried it once before many years ago with my housemate while we watched the Hannah Montana movie. Halfway through the film we both swore we spotted our mate’s dad in the background of a scene (it wasn’t him) and we rolled around on the floor laughing for a good 20 minutes before our female housemate stormed into the room and told us to grow up. Clearly she wasn’t a Hannah Montana fan.

So I was understandably a little out of my depth as I entered the MedMen store in West Hollywood. After showing my driver’s license (you need to be over 21 and have photo ID with you to get in the store) I walked inside and boy, those Uber drivers weren’t lying.



After roughly five hours, the effects of the single gummy started to wear off and I hit the streets of West Hollywood in search of a burger.  and so on and so forth


We presume he’s already handed in his notice at the Torygraph and is now applying for a job at High Times.