UK: Wickford Royal Mail worker with cannabis farm worth almost £10K ‘grew drugs for pain relief’

A ROYAL Mail worker caught with a cannabis farm worth £9,800 in his home claims he was using the drugs as pain relief for ongoing back and leg conditions, a court heard.

Police found 35 cannabis plants inside Geoff Nicholson’s home in Southend Road, Wickford, after raiding the property.

Basildon Crown Court heard yesterday how the plants were discovered in two separate rooms, while loose bags of cannabis were also found in other parts of the home on December 23, 2018.

Nicholson avoided jail during yesterday’s hearing, as judge Samantha Cohen accepted his reasons for having the cannabis.

Nicholson, who was unrepresented in court, said: “It was just for me as I have a bad back and knee.

“It was just to relieve the pain. I was an idiot and shouldn’t have done it.

“It was just to ease the pain. I work for Royal Mail and drive the lorries.”

Prosecutor Simeon Wallis added: “He said it was for his own use in a prepared statement before a no-comment interview.

“Experts say it was enough for personal use but would have been very high personal use.

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