UK: Top barrister in chemsex death case admits buying drugs from some of his clients

Lawyer Henry Hendron, 42, whose 18-year-old boyfriend was found dead at his flat in 2015, pleads guilty to possessing Class A drugs and encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence

A barrister has pleaded guilty to encouraging a client to supply Class A drugs after police found messages he sent to a suspected dealer on a phone.

Met Police investigation into Henry Hendron, 42 – who has worked for a former government minister and other famous clients – also found evidence from 2020 that he was buying drugs from a second client.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence and one count of possessing Class A drugs at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday, and was remanded in custody.

He is expected to be sentenced on April 17.

Detective Inspector Lewis Sanderson of the London force said: ”At the time of his arrest Hendron was a serving barrister. The behaviour displayed by Hendron, while acting for the Bar, was unacceptable, unethical and illegal.

”Actions like his can tarnish the reputation of all those involved in the criminal justice system and the whole team were determined to bring him to account. As a result of the hard work and thorough investigation, Hendron has been now been made to face the consequences of his actions.”


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