They bought their supplies from a hydroponics shop and using multiple properties to grow their crops in.

Six men involved in a cannabis growing operation using properties across Nottinghamshire have been sentenced to up to eight years between them.

The drugs conspiracy went on from September 2019 to April 2020, with members buying their supplies from a hydroponics shop and using multiple properties to grow their crops in.

Other offenders, described as ‘gardeners’ involved in the operation have already been convicted and sentenced.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday, April 23 six members faced Judge Julie Warburton, who said: “Each of you were involved in the organisation and operation to produce commercial quantities of cannabis for financial profit.

“Such quantities could be for onward supply.

“Throughout the conspiracy between September 2019 and April 2020 regular trips were made by members of the group to Gro-zone Hydroponics.

“That being a shop on the Giltbrook trading estate where equipment was purchased and set up to maintain cannabis grows at houses that had been rented and completely given over to cannabis production.”

The court heard how a warrant on April 3 2020 lead to the uncovering of the huge operation.

Two flats in Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford were searched where three of the convicts were located – Ervis Tafhasi, Dilaver Tafhasi and Gerald Kreci and shortly after, Ajet Tafhasi were all arrested at this time.

At the first flat, three kilos of cannabis was found along with around £2,000 in cash and lists with names and numbers presumed to be dealer lists, the court heard.

There were receipts discovered for Gro-zone Hydroponics and papers relating to two properties – one in Valley Road and the other in Lonsdale Road, Radford.

Lonsdale Road, Radford.
Lonsdale Road, Radford.

In the second flat, another eight kilos of cannabis was found as well as another £2,400 along with papers for an address in Wood View in Edwalton.

The 11 kilos of cannabis was valued at £38,500 with a sell price of £110,000.

Searches of three vehicles belonging to the group also lead to discoveries of “crop solution” with further receipts found.

The court heard “it was soon apparent where the cannabis had come from” when the other three properties were searched.

Electricity had been bypassed, windows covered and ventilation installed to make way for complete cannabis farming.

Between the three addresses, 660 plants were recovered which gave of yield of up to 55 kilos, worth more than £340,000 street value.

The two remaining members of the group – Elvis Muhametaj and Ahmet Muhametaj were later arrested on April 21 and 22 respectively.

Police also looked into CCTV footage from Gro-zone and phone data from all defendants where it was made clear there had been a number of visits and meetings at the hydroponic centre to purchase equipment.

During the court hearing the issue of where culpability lay with different members of the group was discussed.

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