The Somerset County Gazette reports

A SOMERSET couple are having to pay a ‘small fortune’ for medicinal cannabis for their epileptic daughter as the treatment is unavailable on the NHS.

Little Clover Carkeet, 22-months, has severe epilepsy which sees her sometimes suffer hundreds of seizures a week.

Parents Emily and Spencer claim medicinal cannabis, prescribed through a private clinician, literally changed Clover’s life and she now endures one to three seizures a week.

But the treatment is unavailable on the NHS and the family fear they could run out of the expensive Bedrolite oil they currently import from Holland – if post-Brexit medication laws do not change.

Emily Howis and Spencer, from Frome, Somerset, are now campaigning to make the treatment more readily available.

Desperate Emily, 36, said: “At the moment it’s costing about £750-a-month.

“It changes all the time because we’re constantly tweaking her dose to find the best seizure control for her. But that will get more and more and more as she gets bigger.

“You pay for more medication as the child increases in weight.

“Some of the families we know are paying almost 2,500-a-month. It’s a shocking amount of money. They’re paying almost the same as a mortgage.”

Emily and Spencer only have 10 weeks’ worth of Bedrolite oil – which Clover takes twice a day morning and night – left.

The Dutch Government has announced they will no longer recognise prescriptions as a result of Brexit leaving Clover without her much needed medication unless something changes.

Emily added: “The government claim to be trying to sort it out, but at the moment we have about 10 weeks of oil left.

“We are waiting for a shipment to come in that would last us another three months, but we don’t know if it will arrive.

“We know of 42 children that take Bedrolite. They are all at risk. It’s not easy to change oils – they’re all completely different.

“There’s hundreds of compounds, one strain may work for one child and another could be completely useless. It’s dangerous and life threatening.”