Cannabis set ups have been found in Longford, Foleshill and Hillfields in the last three days

Police in Coventry have raided five cannabis factories in the city in the space of less than a week.

The raids were revealed in a series of tweets by different police teams working across the city, with the most recent being the discovery of drug farms in Foleshill and Longford.

The Longford operation was discovered yesterday (Saturday March 13) in Grange Road.

Few details have been made available regarding that raid as yet but Henley & Longford Police did release images of the operation showing some of the cannabis plants that were seized.

An image of the Foleshill cannabis factory were also published on Twitter yesterday (Saturday March 13).

The first raid that was revealed on social media by police in Coventry took place on Sunday March 7.

On Monday March 8 Stoke & Wyken Police tweeted that more than 250 cannabis plants were discovered and destroyed. Also that an axe was discovered.

Details of the huge haul and images of the discovery were revealed on Twitter by Coventry City Centre Police following the bust in Hillfields on Friday March 12.

Officers said 155 plants were seized along with around 10 kilos of dried cannabis.

They said the estimated value of the seizure was around £250,000.

Two people were arrested during the Friday morning operation.

Details of the five raids in Coventry that have been publicised on Twitter are as follows:

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