The Lancs Times reports

On Friday, officers in Rossendale uncovered the plants at a property in Haslingden town centre.

The set-up was dismantled and the plants seized.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Haslingden residents, earlier today officers recovered a large amount of cannabis from an address in the town centre.

“This would ultimately have ended up being sold throughout Rossendale and beyond no doubt, with no care or consideration for the damage it will cause.

Police posted about the grow on Facebook, and were forced to provide one user with an education in how drugs set-ups such as these will ultimately lead to many other offences in all areas of crime.

The spokesperson added: “Without getting into a debate on cannabis but to further help you understand our comment I will attempt to explain further.

“Cannabis illegally produced in this manner is often sprayed with a number of chemicals to help it grow quicker which can have a significant affect on the user.

“On top of that we also find it funds further crime and organised crime groups involved in other criminality including people trafficking, theft, violence related offences and many other aspects of crime.”

It is not known if any arrests were made as a result of the discovery but police say enquiries are ongoing and at this moment in time they cannot comment any further.