UK- NHS Nurse struck off for trying to sell cannabis oil to vulnerable cancer patient

An NHS nurse who tried to sell cannabis oil to a vulnerable cancer patient has been struck off.

Eliska Neuzilova had a side-line in selling CBD products on top of her job in the health service and used her position to try and make a profit.

A tribunal heard how the nurse ‘abused her trust’ by going through a woman’s medical records and posting a leaflet through her door advertising the oil.

Neuzilova was also accused of trying to convince the woman that cannabis oil would cure her cancer but she was cleared of this allegation at a tribunal after it was heard there was a lack of evidence as the patient had died.

The tribunal found that, regardless of Neuzilova’s personal beliefs about CBD oil, a nurse giving advice of treatments that are not supported by medical evidence is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘potentially dangerous.’

The Nursing and Midwifery Council tribunal heard Neuzilova worked at the Neuro-Spinal Post Operative Unit at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Queens Medical Centre Nottingham
The nurse had been employed by the NHS and was based at a Nottingham hospital (Picture: Google)

She was alleged to have told the woman’s family that cutting out sugar and using cannabis oil would help cure her condition.

The tribunal heard the patient was chatty and likely to have discussed CBD oil if brought up in conversation but there was not enough evidence to find Neuzilova instructed the patient to take it as a cure.

However, the tribunal did find Neuzilova posted a leaflet through the patient’s door with the details of the cannabis oil company she was involved in.

The tribunal heard Neuzilova admitted she did this in a statement and said she ‘knew her address from her records’.

Neuzilova had a commission arrangement with a CBD company where she took a cut from sales of the product.

A tribunal report said: ‘Miss Neuzilova had given the patient the opportunity and some persuasion to purchase cannabis oil products.’

The Nursing and Midwifery Council struck Neuzilova off after finding her actions were ‘incompatible’ with her remaining on the register.

CBD hemp oil
A disciplinary hearing found the nurse abused a position of trust (Picture: Getty/iStockphoto)

It said: ‘The panel was cognisant that cannabis oil is not a gold-standard medical treatment in in the patient’s circumstances, and, regardless of Miss Neuzilova’s personal beliefs, it was satisfied that a healthcare professional giving advice on supplements or treatments that are not supported by medical evidence is inappropriate and potentially dangerous.

‘This therefore represents a serious departure from professional standards.

‘Further, the panel determined that the patient was highly vulnerable, and Miss Neuzilova was in a position of trust.

‘Miss Neuzilova’s use of the patient’s address, which she admits having obtained in the course of her duties as a registered nurse, in order to target her for financial gain was, an abuse of that trust.’

Neuzilova also failed to record information properly on another patient’s chart and did not make sure her spinal fluid drain was working, which left the patient needing urgent medical attention and at risk of serious harm.

Nurse struck off for trying to sell cannabis oil to vulnerable cancer patient

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