Brave owners.. opening a restuarant in the middle of a pandemic and then putting CBD in the food.. did they see what happened to that restaurant in Brighton last year?


The Newcastle Chronicle reports

A new bar is breathing fresh life into a former popular city watering hole and is also offering something very different on its menu.

Okana has just opened in the Union Rooms building in Westgate Road and, alongside a new-look decor, it is introducing a range of classic British food dishes and cocktails with a twist – CBD oil.

This is an oil derived from cannabis plants and believed to have health benefits – and its use in food is said to be a current craze in London and Amsterdam.

But customers can rest assured that CBD oil is an optional extra in the food and drink and it won’t get them high.

The oil is offered as a more exotic ingredient in the likes of Irish beer-battered cod and chunky chips; Cumberland sausages and bubble and squeak but customers can also choose to have the dishes made without it.

The oil – which will cost £2.50 as a supplement – is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and diluting it with a carrier oil but unlike with the cannabis drug – a different derivative of the plant – the only side effects should be health ones, with some studies showing it may ease pain and anxiety.