A mum has sparked a parenting debate after admitting she let her daughter smoke weed before her English GCSE to help with her imagination.

In a post online, the mum said she allowed her daughter to puff on ‘a tiny bit of weed’ before the all-important exam.

According to Stoke on Trent Live, the unnamed mum said: “When I asked her why she was doing it right before her English Language exam, she said, ‘It gives me more imagination when I’m writing essays I have to make up.’

“My daughter chose to smoke it. She doesn’t touch it anymore. She just used it as a relaxant to get her through her GSCEs and she did really well with her results.

“It’s up to her to learn from her own choices in life. If I’d have banned her from smoking it every now and then, she would have only done it behind my back as every teenager would do.

“I’ve always had a ‘be open and honest’ approach with my daughter and it’s worked well.

“She hides no secrets from me and her friends, male and female, see me as a surrogate mum and talk to me about their issues and problems. I can’t see that as bad parenting.”

As well as defending her approach, the mum went on to claim that her daughter’s weed smoking may have reduced her chances of getting a number of illnesses.

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