Free Weed !


Plenty of people decided to help themselves to marijuana plants and weed paraphernalia found inside a U.K. residence housing a grow-op earlier this week. Reports the Growth Op

“Apparently there was over 100 plants and people were just taking whatever they saw,” one witness said, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

Responding to reports that some plants had been uncovered in the house, witnesses said police turned up at the home at about 12 pm on Aug. 19 to find it ransacked and few incriminating items left to seize.

Someone walking on the street earlier in the day apparently saw cannabis on the ground and informed police, said a police spokesperson, the Lancashire Telegraph reports.

“It looks like there’s been a door smashed at a nearby property,” the spokesperson is quoted as saying. “Police have attended and entered the house and found what looks to be cannabis inside.”

According to witnesses on the scene, the plundered pot farm left quite a mess and the tell-tale skunk of weed in the air. “The whole street smells of weed,” one witness said.