The Daily Mail reports…..Tommy Corbyn, 25, has started two companies, National Hemp Service and The Hemp Cafe, with girlfriend Chloe Kerslake-Smith, 25, to cash in on the craze for cannabis-related paraphernalia.

‘My partner and I are opening a store in North London that will sell hemp-derived products,’ he tells me.

Chloe says: ‘We’re renovating the premises and hope to open in the near future. The National Hemp Service is like an alternative National Health Service.

‘We’ll be selling a variety of hemp-derived products. Everything will have undergone lab tests to ensure it meets the UK market standards for their cannabinoid profiles and potency.’

Corbyn, who has said that criminalising people for possessing small amounts of cannabis was not ‘a particularly good idea’, apparently supports the project. ‘He is aware of it,’ Chloe says.