Abusing dogwalkers while stoned – they must be bored out of their tiny little minds !


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CALLS have been made for a crackdown on anti-social behaviour on a busy industrial estate after a spike in drug taking, boozing, graffiti and vandalism.

Dog walker Rob Coles, 52, was verbally abused after challenging youngsters he believed were smoking cannabis in the railway underpass in Peto Avenue, Colchester, in broad daylight earlier this week.

The route links the Turner Rise Retail Park in Mile End to the Cowdray Centre industrial estate.

Mr Coles, of Turner Rise, said he wanted something to be done to deter people before it got out of hand.

He said: “Only a few days ago I reported to the police young people were smoking cannabis at the Peto Avenue railway under pass during the day, which is near Mason Road and the Range.

“I was verbally challenged by the smokers when I mentioned the smoke.

“The reply I got back was ‘looks like your dog wants some.’

“This footpath is used a lot by both school children and the general public.

“ I raised the issue with the police and they said they would monitor the situation.

“Most nights alcohol is drunk openly while they sit on the wall but nothing has been done about this.

“Maybe it is time something was done before it gets out of control.”

Mr Coles said his concerns had been growing about problems in the area for some time.

“I have reported the drinking and graffiti problems in the same area to Colchester Council a few times.

“A guy was sent down with a paintbrush to cover up little bits of graffiti.

“There is a burnt out caravan sitting on Mason Road and no one seems to worry about the sharp nails all around the ground.”

Essex Police have been carrying out patrols on the estate over the last few days.

They said there had also been an issue with nuisance drivers and confirmed they would be returning regularly.

A spokesman said:”Following reports of vehicle’s causing anti-social behaviour on the Cowdray Centre estate, Colchester Town Team have carried out patrols in the area to detect and disrupt persons causing a nuisance to the local businesses and nearby residents.

Source:  https://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/18831697.dogwalker-abused-group-smoking-weed-cowdray-centre/