TWO cannabis farms in Hyndburn have been dismantled after a targeted plain clothes police operation.

The first cannabis farm, at which a man was arrested, was uncovered at a terraced house in on Railway Terrace, Great Harwood which was raided on Thursday evening with the second, also inside a terraced house, on Spring Street Accrington, which police attended on Friday afternoon.

In both cases officers found medium sized drug cultivations and that the electricity had been bypassed in order to power them.

Hyndburn Neighbourhood Policing Team’s Sgt Ian Corbett said: “Hyndburn Neighbourhood Team officers have again demonstrated their commitment towards ridding the streets of Hyndburn of drugs.”

This comes just over a week after Hyndburn police disrupted another farm, amounting to 500 cannabis plants, that was discovered in Accrington’s old Empire Bingo Hall on Blackburn Road.

However, aside from the drug offences, police were also keen to remind the public of the potentially deadly effects of using electricity for such purposes.

Sgt Corbett said: “I am becoming very concerned with how offenders are by passing electricity systems and the obvious dangers of fire and threat to life.

“Even a simple set up contained within a small house carries a massive risk of fire and threat to neighbouring properties.

“I ask that the community continue to support us in our plight.”

Enquiries are ongoing with a named individual who is under investigation.