Haughton Honey with the launch of a medicinal strength CBD honey containing cannabis extract.

The perfectly legal CBD ingredient is extracted from the hemp or cannabis sativa plant with reputed medical benefits.

Grown in Britain by partner company, Sativa Group Plc, under tightly controlled conditions, it has proved to be a very popular addition to the Haughton Honey range, with orders from across the UK and Europe.

Haughton Honey – www.haughtonhoney.com – is based at Radmore Farm, Haughton, near Tarporley, in Cheshire. Haughton Honey bottles raw honey which comes straight from the hive, is cold extracted and never pasteurised which means that it retains all of the natural enzymes and proteins.

It is also 100% natural and pure and features traces of dandelion, chestnut, blackberry, clover, and other wildflowers from across the British countryside.