I know it’s not the sort of thing we should say but i hope somebody gives these kids a good kicking


A group of boys were spotted blowing cannabis smoke into a bag containing a hedgehog before throwing it into a river. The RSPCA is now trying to track down the teenagers following the incident in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, on April 10.  A passerby rescued the female hedgehog from the water near to Memorial Park after watching the youths throw the animal.  The woman then kept the critter overnight and alerted the RSPCA the next day. 

The animal welfare charity took it to Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital for treatment. The hedgehog, which had just woken from hibernation, is being kept in an incubator and is now said to be recovering well. RSPCA Inspector Karl Marston said: ‘I am frankly quite shocked by what I have been told has potentially happened to this poor hedgehog and it is a miracle that she survived given all she has been through. ‘Witnesses said they saw a group of young males, possibly teenagers with the hedgehog and they had her in a bag and were believed to be blowing cannabis smoke into the bag. ‘They then tipped the hedgehog out of the bag into the water near Memorial Park near Northampton Road. ‘It is hard to imagine why anyone would want to deliberately attack an animal in this horrific and callous way.’


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