Gardener Kevin Jones had fractured his knee during the coronavirus pandemic..

The Stoke Sentinel reports

Dad-of-four Kevin Jones was caught driving his van over the cannabis limit.

Police pulled over the 36-year-old in Chell Heath after receiving a tip off that he may have been under the influence of drugs.

North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard he tested positive for cannabis behind the wheel.

But he denied smoking it, telling police he used the illegal substance to make ‘cannabis butter’ to help with the pain in his knees. One other explanation was that he may have inhaled some cannabis while visiting a friend who was smoking a joint.

Prosecutor Sue Hayers said: “Police officers received some information that there was potentially someone driving a vehicle that may have been affected by substances. They were given Mr Jones’ name and vehicle registration.

“At 3.50pm they saw the vehicle on Sutton Place. It was stationary at first but then drove off. Police illuminated their blue lights and the vehicle properly stopped. The defendant tested positive for cannabis.”

ones, of Bentley Road, Chell Heath, was arrested and taken to custody. He gave a blood sample which was analysed and it was found that he was over the legal limit.

Ms Hayers added: “Mr Jones was interviewed. He said he suffers from bad knees and buys cannabis to make cannabis butter at home for medicinal purposes, he rubs it on his knees.