UK: Domino’s delivery driver arrested on shift after testing positive for cannabis

A Domino’s pizza delivery driver tested positive for cannabis when he was pulled over by police.

The on shift worker was arrested by Lancashire Police’s Tac Ops team on Friday night (March 4).

Police officers spotted the motorist driving at “excess speed” in Rossendale.

They then noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from his silver Ford Fiesta when they stopped him.

News of the arrest was shared on Twitter and came in a week where the force is clamping down on road offences such as people driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

In a post on the social media site, a force spokesperson wrote: “Driver of this Fiesta seen at excess speed in Rossendale and stopped.

“He smelt strongly of cannabis and was drive wiped at the roadside.

“He failed, testing positive for cannabis and arrested.

“He is a Domino’s delivery driver out on deliveries at the time.”

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