The moral of the story.. stay at home and moke weed in the garden !

Cannabis was seized and three people fined for breaching lockdown rules after making an illicit journey to a Leicestershire beauty spot.

Officers from Leicestershire Police‘s Charnwood Neighbourhood Policing Team were carrying out a patrol of the area around Swithland Reservoir, west of Mountsorrel and Rothley and south of Quorn, when they came across the trio yesterday, Sunday March 7.

When challenged by the two officers, they failed to provide a lawful explanation for why they had left their homes and travelled to the area.

A search of one or more of the individuals also revealed they were in possession of a small quantity of cannabis.

The police officers took to Twitter to share brief details of the incident – including a reminder that Covid regulations barring all but absolutely necessary journeys are still in place – to followers of the official Charnwood Police account.