UK: Cannabis farmer ‘working off funeral debt’ injured fleeing police

A man who became a cannabis farmer to pay for his dad’s funeral was badly injured jumping onto a wall covered in glass while fleeing police.

Zilvinas Gudziunas, 25, spent two days in hospital being treated for his wounds caused by razor sharp glass before he was interviewed by police about the illegal enterprise.

Police raided two houses in Gresham Street, Fairfield, on the morning of July 22 2021 due to reports about cannabis production at the premises.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how an officer at the rear of one of the homes saw two men, one of them Gudziunas, leaving via the back door.

Andrew McInnes, prosecuting, said: “He attempted to flee from the officers who gave chase – jumping onto a small flat roof before running along a garden wall and jumping across the rear alley behind the house.

“He landed on a wall covered in razor sharp glass, causing significant injury to himself.

“He was arrested, cautioned and taken to hospital for treatment.”

A search of the property revealed 175 mature cannabis plants in four growing rooms and the electricity meter had been bypassed.

The plants were estimated to have a potential yield up to £192,000.

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